Sentry Plus Conditioner

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Sentry Plus Water System
Premium Water Filter with Salt-free Softener Alternative
Removes / Reduces
  • Bad Tastes & Odors
  • 97-99% Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Copper
  • PFAS, VOCS, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals
  • Prevents & Protects Against Bacteria
  • Reduces Hard Water Scale Build-up
          Whole House

          Sentry Plus Conditioner

          Extraordinary Water.

          The Sentry Plus Conditioner Whole Home Water Filter System is our award winning Lifeguard filter plus a salt-free water softener alternative.

          Specifically designed to address the taste, odors, contaminants & hard water in both municipal water and ground-water wells.

          Developed by over 40 years of water purification R&D, its award winning design includes over 3000 acres of filtration surface area, for the most effective removal of chemicals, heavy metals & organics, along with proprietary hard water conditioning: Natural Phosphorus Polyphosphate & Zeolite Media.

          Removes/Reduces chlorine, chemicals, pesticides & heavy metals, for truly clean, purified water through-out your entire home.

          "The Sentry Plus water conditioning is a healthier, maintenance free alternative to traditional salt based softening. It will reduce scale inside & extend the life of appliances, piping and fixtures but water left to dry on surfaces can still show spots since the hardness is not completely removed."

          Sentry Plus Conditioner

          In The Kitchen

          • Odor free, healthier water for drinking and cooking.
          • Refreshing, crisp ice water, teas & coffee.
          • Less spotting on dishware & scaling appliances.

          The Bathroom

          • Noticeably softer and less dry skin & hair.
          • Heathier water to breathe, brush & wash in.
          • Longer-lasting fixtures & accessories.
          • Easier cleaning, less soap scum or mineral deposits.

          The Laundry

          • Cleaner, brighter and softer clothing.
          • Can increase the life of clothes, towels and linens.
          • Appliances, steamers & heaters can last 2-3 times longer.


          Chlorine & Chloramines

          Water utilities use chlorine, chloramines or both in water distribution.

          • Chloramines are formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to protect water quality as it moves through pipes.

          Many water filters do not remove chloramines.

          The SENTRY+Conditioner System removes 97%+ chlorine & chloramines.

          Heavy Metals, VOCS, PFAS, Pesticides

          Lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium.
          Organics, PFAS, Pesticides, Herbicides, Pharmaceuticals. THMs, Solvents, 2,4-D, Deisopropyltatrazine, Linuron, Alachlor, Desethylatrazine, Malathion, Aldrin, Demeton-O, MCPA, Anthracene, Di-n-butylphthalate, Mecoprop.

          over 80 additional contaminates.

          Hard Water

          Hard Water: primarily calcium and magnesium limestone.
          -Forms scale on glass, silverware, automobile's, appliances and inside pipes, essentially shrinking the interior diameter, restricting flow.
          -Mineral stains can show up on clothes and fixtures.

          NaturalSoft no salt media, reduces calcium and magnesium's (hard water) ability to collect and form scale, as well as reduce existing scale.

          Whole House

          Simple installation | Connect Inlet & Outlet

          Purified Water

          Long Lasting 10 Years or 1-2 Million Gallons

          Quality Commitment

          High Grade NSF Certified Filtration Media

          Premium Filtration & Natural Salt-free Conditioner

          SENTRY+1000 | 1-4 Bathroom Homes | 1 Million Gallons or 10 Years | 10 GPM High Filtered Water Flow | Built-in By-pass Valve | 1" Inlet & Outlet | Dimensions 10" X 55" (Total width with 10X4.5 Five Micron Filter: 22").

          SENTRY+2000 | 4-8 Bathroom Homes | 2 Million Gallons or 10 Years | 20 GPM High Filtered Water Flow | Built-in By-pass Valve | 1"&1.25" Inlet & Outlet | Dimensions 13" X 59" (Total width with 20X4.5 Five Micron Filter: 25").

          High Efficient | No salt, no drain, no wasted water. | 5 Year Full System Warranty



          Sentry Plus Conditioner System

          5 Micron High Flow Cartridge Filter

          Built-in By-pass Valve

          NPT Inlet & Outlet Connectors

          Owners & Installation Manual

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Does it remove chloramines?

          Yes. Independent lab tests results 97%+ Chlorine & Chloramine removal, as well as over 100 additional contaminants found in drinking water.

          Will it reduce hard water scale?

          Yes, the Conditioner filter with NaturalSoft NSF certified salt free softener alternative media, is specifically designed to inhibit limescale from developing and eliminate existing scale from faucets, pipes, appliances and water heaters.

          Will it remove iron & sulfur?

          Yes the patented KDF & Catalytic media does a tremendous job reducing iron, manganese & hydrogen sulfide, but levels above 0.3ppm will shorten the life of the filter.

          For high iron levels, install an iron filter, such as our Iron Filter XTR (High levels are noticeable by orange or black stains.)

          Is phosphorus polyphosphate & zeolite media healthy for you?

          Yes, both are key elements of a healthy body, though no measurable amount sufficient for supplement comes from the filter.

          Phosphorus is needed for strong bones, teeth, and cell membranes. Zeolite supports kidney health & helps balance our body's pH.

          All of our filtration media & resins are NSF certified.


          We love our water now!

          No longer showering in

          chlorine. -Jen, Los Angeles


          I wish we would have

          gotten it sooner. -William, Texas


          It's just so nice

          having clean odor

          free water. -Mary, Vancouver


          Great system, it does not need salt, water is clean and tastes good.
          Iam on a well and had a lot of sediment before I put this in.


          We moved to Ridgefield Washington and heard of this great no salt system. We are seniors and wanted to avoid any saline spike. The machine is installed and our water is perfect. I can see the results already. We love the taste of the water and the feeling on our skin. Doing business with this company is seamless. We ordered and had the system installed in 3 days. If you do the math with the projected life of the unit you are spending less than 50 cents a day for excellent drinking water and water that will not affect the life of your appliances with mineral buildup. We are so grateful we found this wonderful solution. Thank you making such a high quality product. We are sharing this with all of our neighbors as most people are just unaware of the damage untreated water can cause..Dont hesitate. invest in your future. -Pamela, Ridgefield, WA


          We now have great water. Had the Iron Filter XTR and SENTrY plus system installed in our pump house. Couldn't be happier. -Robert B

          Compare the Sentry Plus:

          Sentry Plus

          • ✔ 2-5 Micron Filtration (20X smaller than a human hair.)
          • ✔ Inhibits pass through hardness ability to collect.
          • ✔ Reduces existing scale.
          • ✔ Less appliance maintenance & replacement.
          • ✔ Reduces harsh, unhealthy & drying contaminants.
          • ✔ Great tasting, healthier water. Softer hair, skin and clothing.
          • ✔ Less spotting from water drying on surfaces.
          • ✔ Lowest maintenance: just one easy change pre-filter cartridge annually.


          • ✔ Reduces hardness ability to bind and scale.
          • ✔ Less appliance maintenance & replacement.
          • ✘ Water hardness is not removed.
          • ✘ Water drying on surfaces will leave scale.
          • ✘ Difficult installation and maintenance requirements.

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